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Forecasts released by the Nation’s Restaurant News (shortly NRS, the American trade publication, founded in 1967, that covers the foodservice industry, including restaurants, restaurant chains, operations, marketing, and events) says diners will see a lot more vegan desserts on their plates in 2018,as plant-based sweets are going to be the top restaurant dessert trends for the coming year.

dessert trendsFrom a dairy-free cheesecake and orange syrup pud to a devilishly dark chocolate fudge cake and carroty flapjacks, this quartet of vegan sweets proves that thoughtful eating has more than its fair share of guilty pleasures.

While vegan menus have been popping up all across the globe in recent years as demand for plant-based options hit record highs, desserts are often forgotten by mainstream restaurants, save for the occasional and often accidentally vegan sorbet. Vegans or those eschewing dessert ingredient staples like milk, eggs, butter, and cream for other reasons, would have to forego dessert altogether or seek it out elsewhere, like a dedicated vegan bakery.

But that’s all about to change according to NRN as vegan desserts go mainstream and become a rising trend for the coming year. “I’m not 100-percent sure about the upcoming dessert menu just yet,” Washington DC-based upscale bistro DBGB executive pastry chef Kelsey Burack said, “but I do see a tropical passion fruit sorbet and coconut ice cream sundae with a fluffy whipped coconut cream on top.” Angela Garbacz, pastry chef at Nebraska-based Goldenrod Pastries, also foresees developing more vegan dessert recipes in the coming year. “I see a shift from using a lot of gums, stabilizers, and substitutes to using more whole ingredients,” Garbacz said. “For example, instead of using egg replacers in vegan recipes, we are trying to make recipes that just work well without eggs.” The pastry chefs’ predictions are consistent with those made by market research companies such as the Baum + Whiteman, seated in New York, which predicted plant-based foods would be a “mega-trend” in its “Food & Beverage Forecast” report published in October.

Have a look at some delicious vegan desserts:

Thus, 2018 is expected to be more delicious and healthier than ever, as tastes change and promise new savory flavors and healthy ingredients united in unbelievable dessert creations.